Chiropractic Treatments for Animals: Do They Work?

It still comes as a surprise to some every time they hear that animals also receive medication from alternative medicine like acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic. For instance, vet clinics in Australia like Complete Chiro Care, offers chiropractic treatment and services to animals.

Animal Chiropractic, Anyone?

Like humans, animals also need chiropractic care. Animal chiropractic refers to the area of animal health care that is focused on the protection and health of the animals’ neuro-musculo-skeletal system. The whole process is characterised as “a gentle and effective form of medication that lets animals to harness and use their own healing potentials.”

Similar to us, the animals’ nervous system is in charge of the body’s functions, such as the motor and sensory movements. Since the nervous system is interlinked to the spine down to our muscles and body parts, a veterinary chiropractic is concerned primarily on the link between the spine and the body’s functions, and how this link impinges on the protection and restoration of the animal’s health.

Chiropractic Therapy on Animals

According to Organic Pet Digest, 80 percent of dogs who have undergone chiropractic therapy felt some kind of respite. When your dog is having trouble jumping, standing or laying down; has dry eyes; or seemed to have weak legs at the front, your canine may be suffering from spinal dysfunction. What animal chiropractors can do is patch up the dog’s muscles so that the joints can shift without restraint.

Aside from dogs, other animals can also benefit from chiropractic therapy. Sore pets, aged pets having rigid joints, animals that compete in sports, obese animals and even those who have had surgery are encouraged to go through chiropractic treatment. More so, chiropractic care in animals can resolve, cure or get rid of some skin diseases, problems in the urinary tract and behavioural matters.

Is it Safe?

As long as you have consultations with a certified animal chiropractor, expect that everything will be okay. At first, the idea of spinal alignment seems bloodcurdling. Rest assured, a simple vertebral alignment will only result to minimal discomfort on the part of the animal.

Chiropractic care for the animals presents a drug-free and non-surgical approach in bringing back the health and well-being of your animals.