Dogs: Are They Smarter Than Some of Us?

Dogs are among the most intelligent animals in the world. But are they smarter than us? Well, in some cases, they are. Akin to human intelligence, canine intelligence comes in varying forms. We may not be fully aware of it, but dogs are capable of doing things that show they are indeed smart.

According to a journal article published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, the level of our perception that dogs are intelligent depends on our personal relationship with the pooch. Also from the same study, 25 percent of the respondents are convinced that their dogs are smarter than other people. Here are some reasons why our pet dogs are smarter than us:

1. They live without looking back at the past and worrying about the future.

Dogs live in the moment. They only use or access their information bank when called for. On the contrary, humans always muse on the past thinking what they did wrong; what they should’ve done. Past is past; it has gone by.

Another thing that humans are so anxious about is the future. Like dogs, humans should live in the present and not worry that much about the past and what lies ahead.

2. They conquer what worries them and do not hold on to bad feeling (well, with other dogs).

Dogs, like other domesticated animals such as horses and cats, can overcome their trepidations or uneasiness through love. You may have heard of narratives of belligerent dogs that metamorphosed into mellow and gentle pooches after being housed in a loving environment. Truly, love triumphs. In humans, the first step in overcoming our fears and insecurities is by loving ourselves. Life will be plain sailing if self-love will supersede our fears in life.

Canines also don’t resent their owners when they’re not fed or when owners do not play with them. Our bad feelings and resentments are heavy burdens that slow us down from going on with our lives.

3. They love without reservations.

Whatever happens, dogs will love us unreservedly. They get excited when they see us, even if we’re moping or in low spirits. Even if we yell at them, they harbour no grudge against us. Loving others wholeheartedly and without questions ain’t that easy. That being said, if the world we live in is thriving with unconditional love, who wouldn’t want to live in it?

Yes, dogs can’t solve complex mathematical problems or synthesise organic compounds. But they have certain behaviours that make them more intelligent than us.