Requirements of a Search and Rescue Volunteer:

Volunteers go through an intense training program and certification process before they can be sent out on an actual mission. All volunteers must first become mission ready in the area of field scouting before they can pursue another area of interest. SAROM personnel must be able to work in all types of weather and respond to call-outs on an emergency basis. They must be proficient with map and compass, human and K-9 first aid and CPR, survival skills, and dog handling. Some areas of specialty require more intricate abilities. SAROM chooses it’s volunteers by application only.

Requirements of a SAROM Dog:

Initially a K-9 applicant must pass a working-dog aptitude and temperament test consisting of specific elements that show the dog has a sound temperament, strong desire to please, interest and natural ability to use it’s nose for the work, agility, and intelligence. Then based primarily on the type of work best suited to that dog’s natural ability, he and his handler can begin a training program that will be evaluated quarterly. The dog-handler team may achieve “mission ready” status in one and a half to two and a half years. It is preferable to start with a young puppy, but it is not unreasonable to start with a dog up to three and a half years old. SAROM dogs are primarily trained by and live with their handlers. They are valued family members and often serve other functions such as: therapy dogs, 4-H projects, ect.

If you wish to donate a dog to Search and Rescue, it must pass the entry test before it will be considered. No dog with any aggressive tendency will be permitted in SAROM!!